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02/12 Thursday 04:59AM

brunei art forum art exhibition

The Waterfront Art Gallery is lately abuzz with artists. The venue is now the place for the Brunei Art Forum's (BAF) Exhibition which will run through the months of January and February, and will showcase a loot of artwork by local artists.  The Exhibition brings together approximately 90 pieces of artwork by more than 35 local artists from various disciplines. It is a celebration of the emerging local voices and expressions in art.  The Exhibition presents a collection of paintings and installations in various media and subjects, narrating scenes of life, culture and landmarks in contemporary and traditional styles, presenting a comparison of the new and conventional art practices.

The art scene in Brunei has been evolving and growing in recent years. The BAF aims to be the place to harness new ideas, new talents and the eclectic manifestations of creativity in the country. The BAF started out as a platform for artistic talents - both professional and amateur - to meet in a nurturing environment to share experiences, knowledge and thoughts, as well as to create collaborations among BAF members and other individuals and organisations. This has culminated in several involvements in international exhibitions such as the recent participation in an exhibition in Shanghai, China.

The Art Gallery is housed in the Old Custom Building by the Waterfront in Bandar Seri Begawan - a solid, windowless building that has been converted into the centre of the Brunei art scene. The venue faces the heritage site of Kampong Ayer and visitors get to hear and see the speed boats that bounces back and forth from the water village to the city. Inside the gallery, it is a simple set-up where wooden partitions are used to create 'rooms' within the rectangular space. Visitors are allowed to flow through the 'rooms' and appreciate the myriad of paintings in various media and 3 installations created specially for this exhibition. It is the first time that a local exhibition has included a participative installation - entitled Creat'art'ive Tree - that allows the public to participate and leave their own artistic mark on the display. Another installation entitled 'Nasi Katok', features a sole human as part of the creation, introducing the concept of 'live' art that broadens, challenges and questions society's traditional view of art.

The BAF aspires to elevate the status and importance of art in the Bruneian society and to make art more accessible to the public, encouraging a wider appreciation and interest in the field of arts and creativity. It also hopes to reach out to young people with fresh perspectives, who are seeking opportunities in the arts, and give them a chance to explore the field and contribute to the art scene, and perhaps in the near future, a burgeoning art industry.
Visitors to the exhibition are encouraged to step into the gallery, relax and explore the individual artwork, which includes batik, abstract art, portraits and installations. Most of the displayed pieces are for sale. Interested buyers can contact the BAF treasurer on 8668244 (Fatimah Jaafar) or 8918806 (Ampuan Siti Ramlah). The exhibition is open from Sunday to Thursday - 9.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m; Friday - 9.00.a.m to 11.30 a.m; 2.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m, and Saturday - 9.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m, throughout the months of January and February. The Brunei Art Forum is presently recruiting more members and is drafting an exciting calendar for 2012. For details and future updates, please check the BAF Facebook page, Brunei Art Forum - Official.

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